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Is the country of your affiliation an economically developing country?
Are you happy to be put in touch with other like-minded participants relying on local childcare? This may help share childcare related information among all participants.
Please all cost in USD
Estimated travel costs incurred by children, due to conference attendance.
Is land travel possible from your location (train/bus/car sharing)?
Estimated childcare costs incurred, due to conference attendance.
Briefly explain nature of the childcare costs incurred and how these arrangements will enable you to attend the conference.
I confirm that this is the only childcare reimbursement claim submitted for these children.
I confirm that I do not have access to alternative childcare reimbursement schemes (employer / external research funder)
Briefly explain why alternative reimbursement schemes are not available.
Please supply receipts of childcare services used by you during the conference period. Note that you only need to complete this section in the 2 weeks immediately after the conference.
Scanned receipts for the cost of using childcare services during the conference period. Multiple scanned files can be uploaded.

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