Women+ @ GECCO


The Women+@GECCO workshop series started in 2013 as a venue in which accomplished women researchers welcome and support other women in evolutionary computation (EC). Over the years, the workshop has become a venue where students and junior researchers from different under-represented cohorts in EC interact in an informal setting with established women researchers and the general GECCO community, to share our experience as researchers and discuss various issues related to fostering and balancing one's professional and social life, as well as on inserting oneself in the EC community.

The workshop plays an important role at GECCO and, particularly in years that are challenging our professional and personal life, the Women+@GECCO workshop will have a hybrid format as an instance to connect ourselves as a community.

Further information will be provided at a later stage. Stay tuned.


  • Aldeida Aleti (aldeida.aleti@monash.edu), Monash University, Australia
  • Bing Xue (bing.xue@vuw.ac.nz), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand