Summer School


Held in conjunction with the OPTIMA-CON 24 and ACM GECCO 2024 Conferences, from 10 - 19 July 2024 (specific Summer School sessions: 10th-13th July).

If you are a student intending to attend GECCO2024 summer school, please follow this link to register.

The SIGEVO Summer School (S3) goes into round 7. Note that it will be held on site and in person! This year, our summer school will be run jointly with another affiliated conference OPTIMA-CON 24 (just before GECCO2024, and also held at MCEC). OPTIMA-CON 24 provides a range of activities that intersect with our summer school.

The summer school will cover the following areas of knowledge:

  • General skills needed by GECCO researchers, e.g. reviewing, paper writing and presenting, as well as best practices for the empirical evaluation of evolutionary algorithms. Taught through lectures and small workshops led by summer school mentors.
  • In-depth knowledge about specific topics within GECCO, mostly through attending tutorials and workshops associated with GECCO, . Some mentor sessions will also be tailored towards specific research topics to allow for more in-depth discussions with an expert in the field.
  • Hands-on mentored Software Project, centred on problem modelling and solving with evolutionary algorithms and other meta-heuristic methods

The summer school is open to current PhD students and recent graduates. There will also be ample chances to meet and work with other participants as well as senior researchers (our mentors) in a relaxed and smaller setting than during the main conference.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We also encourage summer school participants to register for the main GECCO2024 conference.
VENUE: Please note that on Saturday the 13th July the Summer School will be held at a second venue at RMIT.


Questions? Please contact one of the organisers!

Preliminary Schedule

At a Glance

All times are stated in Melbourne time (AEST).
SIGEVO Summer School 2024