For Kids

Melbourne is a child-friendly city, and a great place to visit with your kids. Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (i.e., GECCO2024 conference venue) has very conveniently a nearby parenting room with spacious change room, toilet and private feeding spaces.

Childcare Grant Applications

Parents can apply for a grant to support childcare costs directly incurred by the attendance of GECCO2024. Grants can cover:

  • Childcare costs directly incurred by bringing children to the conference;
  • Travel costs directly incurred by bringing children to the conference (up to 20%);
  • Childcare costs incurred by leaving children at home, where these exceed routine arrangements.

The amount awarded will be communicated as part of the grant award notification, but each grant is capped at a maximum of USD 800. Only one application is permitted per family. Priority will be given to early career researchers, those without access to alternative funds covering childcare costs (e.g., from their own institution or external research funding), and those with accepted papers.

The application deadline has now passed.

Note that once we receive your application, we will carry out our initial assessment. Once it is approved, you may use this form for uploading receipts immediately after the conference.

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Further Information

If you have any question, feel free to reach out to our Childcare Chair Dr Yiliao Song (lia.song@adelaide.edu.au).